Set in Stone focuses solely on providing customers with the best experience possible, starting with safety and sanitation processes that exceed industry regulations.

Why Us?


Great Customer Service

Our bespoke customer services guide our clients through the design/choosing of their tattoo through to the aftercare routine. Throughout the tattooing process, the artist will communicate with the client, making sure that he or she is comfortable.


Great Customer Care

We know that tattoo shops can be intimidating. Even though Set in Stone is focused on a high-end clientele, we are also focused on customer care. Don’t be afraid to stop in and say, “Hi!”


Versatile Tattoo Styles

Although Derek Scott specializes in watercolor tattoos, he is well versed in creating work in all styles, including: black and grey realism, abstract, neo-realism, neo-traditional/tradition, fine line/dot work, new school, bio-mechanical, photorealism, trash-polka, lettering, and oriental.


Diverse Guest Artists

Guest artists specializing in different areas of expertise will be featured regularly on the website and blog.


We Value Your Time

Clients will be expected to arrive on time. If they have made an appointment, they must reschedule 72 hours in advance or they will forfeit their deposit. Clients can reschedule once.

Clients must be clean, sober, and at least 18 years of age.

Deposits are non-refundable.

"From start to finish, I have been extremely impressed with Derek’s ability to see an idea and expand on it, making it come to life. Dereks work on my sleeve has been primarily free hand and it is simply stunning. I have needed my sleeve finished and reworked for quite some time now and I am super happy with the results. He is also amazingly fast in his work and was able to get an obscene amount done and it looks incredible. The healing process was the quickest I have experienced from any tattoo. I know I won’t be going to anyone else for my art work in the future and have recommended him to anyone who asks."

Nikki Shepard

"Derek’s talent is beyond anything I could put into words. It truly speaks for itself. The first piece he did for me was a coverup and I never could have imagined that the end result would be such an amazing piece of art that I get to wear every day. His imagination flows through needles onto skin in a way that could only be described as magical. I was beyond excited to show off my new ink so I had to come back and continue my sleeve. With a matching personality, he’s hands down the best! His ability to turn what I want and portray it in a way that works with the defining lines of anatomy while still being an outstanding piece of art is remarkable!"

Jennifer Faux

"In the middle of the summer, I went to Derek intending to get a simple cover up on my leg. It's several months later and I now have almost my entire leg covered in amazing artwork and a much lighter wallet. That should tell you anything you need to know."

Alberina Shabanaj

"Derek is truly a master of his craft! I told him the direction I wanted to go to finish my sleeve and he created his own designs and knocked it out of the park! Book him ASAP!"

Alex Austin

"I was visiting Arizona for the first time and was looking for a great tattoo artist to get some work done before I went back home to New York. I discovered Derek's work on Instagram and was amazed how great his work work was! His tattoos had so much life and vibrance I had to get him to do a piece for me and my girlfriend. Derek had clients thats day but managed to squeeze us in just so we could get tatted before we went back home. Our pieces came out so dope and we were very pleased with the his work and professionalism. We plan to get tattoos everytime we visits!"

Javonne Chill

"Self-Liberation!! Any individual who decides to get a tattoo by Derek Scott, will soon learn the feeling of self-liberated. A new piece means a new journey and a new addition to something that will be apart of you forever. There will be no stigma when people see your fresh artwork from Derek. There shall only be praise and love coming your way. Derek Scott is extraordinary in his professionalism and artistry. His artwork has completely changed my life in the positive light. I personally recommend Derek Scott to anyone who wants a life changing experience."

Ryan Claus